Corn Cutter (4)
Corn Cutter
Cows out back of Shepard barn
Darrow Farm
Drawing manure from Searles barn with cr...
Fischer Thrashing crew
Frank Searles in 1944 pitching hay
Fred Burton barn
Fred Burton Farm
Harry Watson with horse and sleigh hauli...
Hazelton Spencer equipment about 1950's
Jerome Fones & son combining oats and wheat
Jerome Fones & son combining oats and wh...
Jim Searles 1969 cleaning up old silage ...
John Deere tractor and baler about 1948
Kenneth Glenister with team
Ken Searles about 1958
Load of Hay
Mary and Ken Searles Pet Pig, Clarabel
Mrs Downs Apples for drying - early 1900...
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