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*** Forms should be emailed to clerk@newhavenny.com or faxed to 315-963-7231.


Application-for-Building-Permit.pdf : Application for Building Permit

Application-for-Copy-of-Birth-Record.pdf : Application for Copy of Birth Record

Application-for-Copy-of-Death-Record.pdf : Application for Copy of Death Record

Application-for-Dog-License.pdf : Application for Dog License

Application-for-Genealogy-Services.pdf : Application for Genealogy Services

Application-for-Marriage-Record.pdf : Application for Marriage Record

Application-for-Moble-Home-Park.pdf : Application for Moble Home Park

Application-for-Proposed-Development.pdf : Application for Proposed Development

Application-for-ReSubdivision.pdf : Application for ReSubdivision

Application-for-Subdivision.pdf : Application for Subdivision

Application-for-Variance-With-Instructions.pdf : Application for Variance With Instructions (09-07-2021)

Code-Enforcement-Complaint-Form.pdf : Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Driveway-Permit-Form.pdf : Driveway Permit Form

Flood-Mitigation-Assessment-Process.pdf : Flood Mitigation Assessment Process

Freedom-Of-Information-Request-Form-2.pdf : Freedom of Information Request Form

How-to-Construct-a-Sandbag-Emergency-Levee.pdf : How to Construct a Sandbag Emergency Levee

SEQR-Application.pdf : Short Environmental Assessment Form

Site-Plan Application-With-SEQR.pdf : Site Plan Application With SEQR Form

Unified-Solar-Permit.pdf : Unified Solar Permit Form