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Highway Department

HighWay Dept Night Crew 640x480The Highway Department consists of the Highway Superintendent, six full time employees, and several part time employees in the winter. The department maintains 35.53 miles of town roads.

Seasonal activities include:

In the winter season the department provides 24 hours a-day coverage for plowing town and county roads. There are:

  • 59.11 miles of roads to be plowed in the winter months.
  • 35.53 miles of road are owned by the Town of New Haven
  • 23.58 miles of the roads are County Roads
  • State roads are plowed by the state.

Plowing or snow blowing into the street is unsafe and against the law

Town plows will remove snow as close to mailboxes as possible, however, the detailed removal around the box is the homeowner’s responsibility.

In the spring and summer season the workers inspect and maintain all town roads and bridges, repair culverts, remove brush, and mow road shoulders.

In the fall season, winter preparations are underway. Sand is stockpiled and plows and sanders are installed on the trucks.