Wednesday, July 21, 2021 – 6:00 PM


Call to Order:


Review and Approval of minutes

June 16, 2021


90-92 Leavitt Rd/Ware

Review of Application for Variance (this was emailed to the Deputy Clerk last month and overlooked therefore it was approved to be reviewed)


178 Darrow Rd/Simmons/Circle T- Discussion

Update on the Multi-Sector General Permit from the DEC – as of July 12, 2021 this has not been received, therefore it is not attached.

Documentation on the Type 2 Action – attached information from Karen Noyes, County of Oswego Planning

Attorney Caraccioli’s list of proposed conditions- attached


178 Darrow Rd/Simmons/Circle T- Public Hearing 6:30pm

Sign in to speak and there will be a 5 minute per person limit


178 Darrow Rd/Simmons/Circle T- Public Hearing

Consideration for approval


178 Darrow Rd/Simmons/Circle T-Vote on Site Plan


Next Meeting:

August 18, 2021


Open Forum

Anyone signed in to speak


Agenda is subject to change- revised July 14, 2021