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Planning Board

The members of the planning board are appointed by the town board. The planning board reviews and takes action on applications for variances from local laws pertaining to building within the Town of New Haven.

They also review and take action on site plans for proposed businesses within the Town.

Planning Board Members

Linda Bond-Clark -- Email: lbond-clark@newhavenny.com

Cynthia Giovo -- Email: cgiovo@newhavenny.com

Karen Valentino -- Email: kvalentino@newhavenny.com

Michael Cutuli -- Email: mcutuli@newhavenny.com

Bettie Jo Cronk (secretary) -- Email: Planning@newhavenny.com

Melissa Windey -- Email: mwindey@newhavenny.com

Allen Chase (alternate) -- Email: achase@newhavenny.com

Sue Ann Parkhurst-Teifke (alternate) -- Email: saparkhurst-teifke@newhavenny.com